Life Effects

Helping You Live Better Days

Living with one or more chronic conditions affects your life in so many different ways. The only people who really understand what you're going through are those who have faced the same challenges for years. 

With this in mind we've created Life Effects, an initiative shaped by patients, for patients. Together, we explore the latest science and thinking around your condition. Whether it's a new piece of research or a fresh look at triggers, we highlight straightforward, useful insights that are relevant to you.

We bring you tips and technologies to make things a little easier. It might be a new app to organize your appointments or life hacks to help you live better days. We pick the best of the bunch, road-tested by other patients. 

And we share stories about the reality of living with chronic conditions. It might be the challenge of starting a new job or the struggle to get out of bed each day. We talk about what it's like with people who have actually been there. 

The content is created in partnership with two leading media companies: Healthline, the fastest-growing consumer health information site, and Slate, which is owned by The Slate Group. All content on the site adheres to Healthline and The Slate Group’s rigorous editorial standards and guidelines.

About Teva<

About Teva

Life Effects comes from Teva Pharmaceuticals. We are in a pretty good position to understand the challenges people face in managing their health. 

With headquarters in The Netherlands, Teva Europe employs approximately 15,000 people in the region. Teva Europe markets a range of specialty medicines, generic medicines, active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) and over the counter (OTC) products.

Covering 36 countries, including the 27 European Union member states, we’re Europe’s biggest provider of tried-and-trusted generic medicines. Every single minute of every day, approximately 2,500 Teva packs are dispensed in the EU. Teva Europe estimates that we save some €8 billion each year from Europe’s healthcare budget by supplying cost-effective treatments.

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