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Bryce Evans

Bryce Evans is an award-winning artist traveling the world, sharing valuable insights on life, and working to positively impact a billion people.


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Montreal, Canada


He’s worked with top international brands, created projects with global reach, and exhibited his artwork around the world while being featured by VICE, Huffington Post, WEDay, The Mighty and more. In 2010, he founded The One Project as the first photography community for people living with depression and anxiety. He's become an expert in therapeutic photography for mental health through his writing, teaching, and speaking, including the TEDx talk, How Photography Saved My Life.


History with the condition


"I was essentially silent about my depression and anxiety -- and also somewhat unaware of what I was struggling with --  until I started expressing and exploring it through my photography with a photo series called one, which evolved into The One Project. I've spent the last 7-8 years working through my depression and anxiety by staying proactive in my wellness, avoiding triggers (like lack of sleep) and also testing different tools that I utilize as soon as I catch myself with early signs. Currently, I am symptom-free on most days."

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