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Nerris Nassiri

Nerris is a writer, host, and filmmaker from Los Angeles. Living with ADHD, anxiety and mild depression, he is an advocate for overcoming the stigma of mental illness and spreading empathy.


Living With Condition
25 Years
1 Article
Los Angeles

Nerris has produced over 50 films and videos about mental illness for The Mighty, which have been seen by over 100,000,000 people online. 

You can follow his amusingly paradoxical journey of having ADHD and depression at and see his creative work at

History with the condition

I had insomnia from the age of 2. In high school I learned seven instruments because I couldn't stay focused on one. In college I changed my major 28 times.

Finally at age 23 I began seeing a therapist for some anxiety and mild depression issues, and got a bonus diagnosis of ADHD after explaining my strange relationship with caffeine. Now that I know I have ADHD, I've been enjoying a yearlong retrospective on my life and understanding why and how my brain draws so many strange conclusions & calculations. It's been a blast.

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