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Martin Gallagher

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Martin Gallagher is a blogger who speaks openly and candidly about depression and anxiety.


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Wales, UK

Martin's writing raises awareness of depression while challenging toxic masculine perceptions. He often focuses his eye on the Irish Traveller (GRT) community from where he hails. 

Martin is straight-talking and uses a humorous approach towards mental illness and parenting, making reading about a serious topic light-hearted and relatable.

He's not afraid to speak about the links between the conflict, discrimination, and racism received daily towards his Gypsy, Romani, and Irish Traveller heritage. He is happy to address the GRT lifestyle misconceptions, reflecting on how hostilities impact mental health across all minorities. 

Martin's history with the condition

"When I was 27 years old, I woke up paralyzed from the neck down and didn't think I would see past that day. Until the doctors told me I'd had a severe anxiety attack, I never thought about depression. From that day, I began to take my mental health seriously.

When I think about my depression, stress, and anxiety diagnoses, I realize they've been an ongoing battle for much of my adolescent and adult life. All bourne from experiencing daily racism and discrimination and feeling like I needed to hide my identity. 

Since my diagnosis, I've continued on my wellness journey. I'm learning to live with my conditions and recognize the ups and downs. Writing about my experiences has helped me come to terms with my mental health. It is an incredibly effective coping strategy, and I believe that talking about my depression saved my life."

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