Patient Contributor

Megan Potts

Megan is a first time mum navigating motherhood and mental illness.


Living With Condition
10 Years
United Kingdom

One thing she’s held onto throughout her experiences is her passion for helping and supporting other people, ultimately resulting in the founding of her blog at in an attempt to provide comfort to those who felt like they were alone in how they were feeling.

Through her work, Megan has found herself travelling to conferences hosted by a number of charities in order to give healthcare providers and support workers the perspective of lived experience in the hopes of helping them provide more tailored help to their patients and clients.

History With Condition 

Prior to becoming a mother, she suffered for approximately ten years with anxiety and depression, trying medication, cognitive behavioural therapy, and everything in between to stabilise her mental health and feel in control of her conditions.

Since 2016 Megan has also been getting to grips with PTSD following an experience of assault that left her experiencing night terrors and flashbacks on a regular basis.

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