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Robert Joyce

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Robert Joyce has lived with multiple sclerosis (MS) for 23 years. He writes Life Effects articles for MS and asthma.


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23 Years
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Connemara, Ireland

Robert Joyce has lived with multiple sclerosis (MS) for 23 years. 

He started a blog in 2017, after being diagnosed with secondary progressive MS. Since then, Robert has become an active patient advocate, often spreading awareness of the condition on Facebook and Twitter. 

Recently, Robert has been working with PARADIGM as a patient representative. He's currently an assistant researcher for a new study on MS-related cognitive problems and their treatment. 

Robert's history with the condition

Robert was diagnosed with relapsing remitting MS at 23. He had a 10-year dormant period but relapsed after a car accident in 2014. The trauma resulted in chronic headaches, which have not stopped since. 

Robert also lives with sarcoidosis (a rare condition causing small patches of red, swollen tissue to develop in his organs) and erythema nodosum (swollen fatty tissue under the skin). 

Robert writes Life Effects articles for MS and asthma


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