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Trishna Bharadia

Caregiving Stories and Experience

Trishna is a multi-award-winning speaker, writer and ambassador who is passionate about diversity issues in healthcare and engaging with Asian communities.


Living With Condition
11 Years
1 Article, 1 Video
Buckinghamshire, England

Trishna has been the media spokesperson for various pharma and charity projects and is a regular contributor on several BBC radio stations. She has won numerous awards, including the Points of Light Award for services to people with multiple sclerosis and chronic illness from the UK Prime Minister's Office and Woman of the Year at the 18th Asian Achievers Awards.  

History with Condition

Trishna became a family caregiver for her father in 2022. She also lives with multiple sclerosis (MS). 

"I was diagnosed with relapsing multiple sclerosis [MS] in 2008, aged 28. I also live with polycystic ovarian syndrome and chronic urticaria/angioedema. I have experience in a broad carer's capacity for my younger sister. She has ulcerative colitis and has experienced mental health issues, including PTSD, anxiety, and depression. 

"I work full time as a Spanish-English translator/analyst for a business intelligence company. I work with multiple stakeholders in my spare time, including pharma, patient associations/charities, clinicians, patients, and the healthcare industry. This is all done via my company, The Spark Global. 

"I bring the patient voice into the healthcare journey, addressing issues that affect specific patient communities and cross-patient communities, as well as the healthcare industry."


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