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Kamilah Howard

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Kamilah is an energetic health enthusiast living in Washington, D.C.


Living With Condition
20 Years
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Washington, D.C.

Kamilah's journey to better health started several years ago when she was diagnosed with asthma and a gluten intolerance. 

Since then, Kamilah's worked on finding the best diet and nutrition for her and how to achieve the best levels of health she can. She shares many of her findings on her blog and loves chatting with people on similar health-related journeys.

When she's not writing, she's either attending a fitness class or finding the best tacos in town. 

Kamilah's history with the condition

She says: 

"I've been living with asthma for over a decade. I was diagnosed in elementary school after noticing it was harder to breathe during/after exercise or when my allergies flared up.

"Since my diagnosis, treatment has helped me keep my asthma and allergy symptoms under control." 

NPS-IE-NP-00666 January 2023

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