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MS Won't Stop Me Singing

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We asked Ara, featured in our ‘More than today’ animation, to share her story. Watch the animation here

My name is Ara. I am 29 years old and live in Scotland. I’m a music teacher and performer, and I absolutely love what I do. Music is such a passion of mine and it really cheers me up if I’m feeling poorly.

MS diagnosis

I was diagnosed with MS in April 2018. I suffered with nerve pain for years prior to my diagnosis, and although it sounds silly, I just assumed this was normal. It was only when I started losing my balance and suffering with optic neuritis that I ended up in A&E which led to many neurologist appointments, MRI scans and finally a diagnosis of Relapsing and Remitting MS.

I am lucky enough to have the most supportive family, including my boyfriend Steve. Fighting MS is much more manageable when you have special people in your life like I do.

‘More than today’

I decided to write a song for Steve, to express how I feel about him. The title of the song is ‘More Than Today’ – a little saying we have used throughout our relationship; tomorrow I will love you more than today.

Over time, we’ve come to realise that the term ‘More Than Today’ is also very relevant for people living with MS. The idea that although you may be struggling one day, there is always more than today. Tomorrow is a new day and you never know what that will bring.

I wanted to get involved in this project – creating an animation accompanied by the ‘More than Today’ song – so I could help raise awareness of MS, share my journey and of course thank my medical team for everything they have done and continue to do for me.

MS has taught me not to take anything for granted in life, to make the most of every situation, and to always consider that although others may look okay they may be going through something difficult too.

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