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COVID-19: Managing your Asthma Symptoms

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There’s no escaping the fact that world has changed, and we’ll likely be living differently for a little while longer. For you, managing an existing condition on top of navigating these different circumstances might be challenging or something that’s on your mind. That’s why we curated our top articles to help you manage your asthma through this time.

If you’re experiencing mental health issues such as anxiety, check out our page with top tips and advice from people who have learned to live with anxiety and depression on a daily basis.

Editor’s note: Some articles have been adapted slightly from their original versions to make them more appropriate for the current situation. We will be updating this page with new COVID-19-specific articles, as they come in.

20 Tips to Keep Sane with Social Distancing and Asthma

Amidst all the bad news and the panic, Cróna Tansey shares 20 simple ways to stay grounded during a global health crisis

How My Emotions Affect My Asthma Symptoms

Most people who live with asthma know how that stress can exacerbate asthma. But what about sadness and joy? Cróna Tansey explores.

Taking Self-Care Days With (or Without) Asthma

Olivia Fulton describes the importance of self-care days and shares her top tips on how to switch off.

8 Ways to Asthma-Proof the Home

It’s no surprise that houses are often filled with asthma triggers. Read the steps Crona Tansey takes to asthma-proof her home. 

Hope or Hype: Could Houseplants Help Asthma?

Can “going green” potentially help alleviate asthma triggers in the home? Kerri MacKay dives into the research.

Finding My Asthma “Family”

Feeling alone after her asthma diagnosis, Kerri MacKay went in search of others who shared her experience.

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