Woman meditating in field at sunset accepting grief of cancer healing process

Grief and Healing: Mourning the Old You after Cancer

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In this episode of AfterThoughts, hosts Alice-May Purkiss and Toby Peach join Charlotte Crowl, a holistic wellness advisor, content creator, public speaker, and prolific author. When Charlotte was just 17 years old, she was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma; a rare cancer that turned her life upside down.

Most of all, Charlotte emphasises how much she needed to grieve once the cancer was in remission. Nothing was as simple as thinking, "I'm cured!". Charlotte grieved for the ones she'd lost and for the version of herself she'd left behind. Along the way, she recognised grief as a healthy process and a way for her soul to heal. 

Now, Charlotte says she's "her own hero," who "finds the silver lining in every situation". 

NPS-IE-NP-00320 October 2021

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