Woman diagnosed with cancer runs a half-marathon

Cancer, Telling It Like It Is, and Marrying Jon Hamm

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In today’s AfterThoughts episode (recorded just before Easter 2021), hosts Alice-May Purkiss and Toby Peach are joined by Miranda Ashitey.

Miranda was diagnosed with secondary breast cancer in 2019 after being admitted to A&E with fluid in her lungs and heart. Since her secondary diagnosis, Miranda has done lots of work with Breast Cancer Now, including a collaborative charity campaign with Marks & Spencer.

She wants everyone to have access to the facts – even facts that may be uncomfortable or upsetting. It’s not to spread fear, she clarifies, but to spread the truth and awareness.

In this podcast episode, Miranda talks about going to the Queen’s Garden Party and knitting booties for Prince Harry’s son, Archie. She also details upsetting discrimination when she tried to freeze her eggs, running a half-marathon the day before treatment, and why Mad Men’s Jon Hamm is her promised future husband.

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