Man who survived cancer treatment standing on edge of cliff as he cycles around the world

When Cancer Can’t Stop You from Aiming High

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In today's AfterThoughts episode, hosts Alice-May Purkiss and Toby Peach are joined by Luke Grenfell-Shaw. 

Luke was a student at Oxford University when he was diagnosed with cancer in 2018. Flagging a pain in his back, his doctor discovered that Luke had sarcoma – a rare, aggressive group of cancers that start in bones and soft tissues. Luke was sure he had less than 12 months to live.

Always athletic, Luke's first epiphany after his diagnosis came from his dad. Out for a run, his dad turned to him and said: "Luke, if you die in three months, that's horrible. But you do have a choice over how you spend those next three months." 

Then and there, Luke decided that he would fulfil his lifelong dream of cycling around the world if he made it through his treatment. Now in Azerbaijan, Luke has cycled 10,000 kilometres and wants to do 20,000 more. 

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