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Daisy Swaffer

Chronic Migraine Patient Stories

Daisy had a career in IT until she had to stop working because of chronic migraine. Now Daisy focuses on her home life, dedicating herself to crafting hobbies such as knitting, sewing, and cross stitch.


Daisy’s History with the Condition

Daisy considers herself lucky (in some ways) because her migraines didn't manifest until she was 29. Although for many women, migraines are triggered by hormonal change, Daisy's developed due to an intensely stressful time in her life.

After experiencing migraine symptoms about once a month, Daisy was diagnosed with migraine by her GP. Unfortunately, she received minimal help, and the migraines worsened. Within 18 months, her condition had changed from episodic to chronic.

Daisy says:

"I persisted in full-time work for as long as possible, which was a further three years.

"After working part-time for another two and a half years, during which I had only 18 days pain-free and no discernible quality of life, I made the difficult decision to stop working.

"It has been two years since I gave up my career, and my quality of life is much better. Yet migraine often reminds me that I had to choose between a career and a quality of life. I can't have both."

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