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Steven Hudson

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Steven is a 62-year-old recently retired aircraft engineer. He lives with his wife of 41 years and they have three grown up children, and seven grandchildren.


Living With Condition
7 Years
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Burnley, United Kingdom

Steven has suffered from bouts of depression for a large part of his life. He has been diagnosed in recent years with COPD, type 2 diabetes, and vascular disease.

He believes that this susceptibility to mental illness has probably led to a lifestyle that contributed to his subsequent problems.

Steven is keen to share his thoughts and experiences of living with multiple chronic conditions with others in the same situation. He hopes Life Effects readers will benefit from his work and that his words bring them comfort. 

Published Articles

COPD, Mental Health, COVID-19 and Me
4 mins
Steven Hudson

COPD, Mental Health, COVID-19 and Me