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6 Memes That Describe My Life with ADHD

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Sometimes living with ADHD can get a bit challenging — dealing with treatment, social stigma, and finding ways to navigate life as a non-neurotypical person are just a few of the challenges we face. But what about the lighter side of things? ADHD is a serious condition, but sometimes it also is very, very funny. Combine impulsivity, a propensity to be late, and procrastination and you’ll learn that having a sense of humor is really important — the phrase “if I don’t laugh I’ll cry” comes to mind.

In managing my ADHD, I try to temper the more serious aspects of my condition with a bit of comedy, and I do my best to surround myself with people who can also appreciate the humor in my situation while still understanding the significant impact ADHD has on my life. If you don’t, we probably won’t get along that well.

In some ways, I think comedy can be a useful educational tool. Laughter can humanize things that may otherwise seem abstract, and possibly even help people to better understand the particular challenges you face. This is why I love memes — they’re a little dose of levity just when I need it.

Here are a few of my favorite ADHD memes, in no particular order, that I think can give you the best view into my very ADHD life.

I’ll get back to you (eventually)

I might not always respond to your email (or text message, or phone call) when you expect me to, but I’ll always get back to you.

I was chatting with a relative a while back about a serious family matter, and before we hung up I asked her to be sure and let me know how everything worked out. About a week later, she sent me a follow-up text, so I typed a quick “thank you” and thought it was taken care of… until a few days later when I realized I never hit “send” on the text message. I’m working on it!

Time management is not my forte

Sometimes, it takes me A LOT longer than I anticipated to finish things. Just like the chicken and the egg, I’m never quite sure what causes this — my ADHD symptoms, or my tendency to be a bit too ambitious with my time. Whatever it is, if I intend to complete it, I’ll be checking off that final task as I’m falling over into my bed.

It’s gonna take me a while to remember your name

Though I mean well, it’ll take me a few tries to get your name lodged in my memory.

I have absolutely, thoroughly, 100% given up on remembering someone’s name the first time I meet them. In fact, I now introduce myself and say, “I’m sorry, I’m terrible with names, but I will remember everything else about you” because it is true. I’ll remember what you do for a living, that crazy mutual friend we both have, and what you had to eat when we met, but your name? It escapes me.

Pinterest is a veritable wonderland

I love learning about new fun things and pretending that I have time to do them. The internet is a treasure trove of cool DIY projects — from crafts to baking to home improvement, whatever it is, you can find it online. You can use just about any search engine, but Pinterest is my go-to source for all the fabulous projects I’ll never complete. There are recipes I’ll probably never cook (I’m still teaching myself to be a better cook), dozens of crochet patterns I want to try but can’t choose which one to begin, and a million pinned articles that I am always hoping to come back to but never seem to reach.

Someone once described Pinterest as a place for digital hoarders and that is ABSOLUTELY me. I curate boards with whatever random interest is on my mind (I have a board with nothing but Tartan decorated cakes, people) and then I load them up, sometimes never looking at them again. It’s like the perfect playground for hyper-focus, procrastination, and learning. Go there at your own risk!

Sometimes, it’s all or nothing

As evidenced by my Pinterest boards, my interests fluctuate. For example, I crochet and have been doing it off and on since I was 8 years old. I will pick up a project, obsess over it for weeks, and then I won’t touch it again for what seems like ages. Right now, I have a craft room full of yarn and I haven’t crocheted a thing since I moved into my current apartment roughly a year ago. Once I get the itch, though, I can promise you that I will be crocheting as if my life depended on it.

I feel like this meme is the theme of my entire life, except I’m not in control of the switch. Sometimes I can nudge it, but for the most part interest waxes and wanes of its own volition. Wish me luck!

There is always something more interesting than what I am doing

 “I know I’m on a deadline, but is that a documentary about toilet paper?”

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to matter what it is, if something (a movie, an article, a chore, it doesn’t matter) is even slightly more interesting than what I’m working on, it’ll take precedence over the thing I’m supposed to be doing. Distractibility is a big part of my ADHD, and just like this swerving car, my mind can flip the switch at a moment’s notice.

ADHD isn’t always easy to manage, but it sure can be funny sometimes. I hope these memes gave you a little more insight into the humorous side of things. It doesn’t have to be all gloom and doom, I promise!

For more information on how to manage ADHD, reach out to your doctor or healthcare team. 

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