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Favorite Holiday Gifts for People with ADHD

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With holiday season approaching, it’s important to get your shopping done early.

If you’re reading this, you probably know someone who has ADHD and you’re wondering what to get them for the holidays. Or maybe you have ADHD and want to use this as a wish list for friends and family. (Mommy, take notes!)

Use this list as a starting point, but feel free to get creative. Don’t be afraid to customize or find a themed version of the items below. You know your loved one best.

As someone living with ADHD, these are my 10 top recommendations for holiday presents.

1. Fidget cubes or fidget spinners

It’s no secret that people with ADHD fidget a lot. We tend to move around often and are always active. It’s sometimes hard to sit still at our desks whether we’re at school or work.

Fidget cubes or fidget spinners, as silly as they can be, are actually very helpful for people with ADHD, as well as for people with anxiety and other mental health conditions.

Consider getting a fidget cube for your loved one with ADHD if they’re constantly moving around and you notice they’re always playing with their hands. It will be not only appreciated, but also practical for their life.

2. An online education subscription

As someone with ADHD, I love to learn. One of the great things about the internet is that there are so many educational tools available online.

Two examples of these educational resources are and Skillshare. These websites have interactive video classes for just about every topic. If your loved one with ADHD is always curious, a subscription to one of these platforms will be very appreciated.

I personally love online learning because reading is difficult for me, so I prefer to watch videos. I feel like I’ve gotten a better education online than from all of my college textbooks.

3. Standing desk

Standing desks are all the rage. I consider them to be a perfect complement to fidget spinners.

I work long hours at a startup environment, so having a standing desk that allows me to alternate between standing and sitting is extremely important to me.

As someone with ADHD, I find myself focusing much better at work when I’m standing. Many standing desks also come with mats so you can move your feet around if you start to get antsy.

4. RF item locator

I’m always losing things. As someone living with ADHD, remembering where my keys are is probably my kryptonite.

Is your loved one with ADHD frequently losing things (hint, they probably are) like their keys, phone, or wallet? If so, consider getting them one or more RF (radio frequency) sensors so they can always find whatever it is they’ve lost.

By pressing a button, RF sensors can help locate items by calling attention to them with sounds and flashing lights. (Just hope your loved one doesn’t lose the RF sensor!)

5. Reminder app

As someone with ADHD, I forget hundreds of things daily.

In my other articles, I’ve sung praises about Siri’s “remind me” function. But there are also some great reminder apps out there that allow you to fine-tune exactly when and how you want to be reminded of whatever important task you’re probably forgetting. Head to the app store on your phone and consider purchasing one for your loved one.

6. Desk drawer organizer

No one in my ADHD tribe will find it shocking when I say that I have a very messy desk.

While it’s not a perfect solution, sometimes having a small desk drawer to put all of my knickknacks in is better than having them cluttered all around my desk.

A small desk organizer with one to three drawers will make the perfect gift for someone with ADHD, especially if they work in an office environment that calls for tidiness.

7. Desk bike

This is one of the sillier ones on this list, but hear me out: A desk bike has a huge number of health benefits and is the ultimate gift for someone with ADHD.

A desk bike is like a fidget cube for your legs. You get to constantly move your body while sitting at your desk. It’s the perfect tool to help you stay focused for longer periods of time when you need something physical to do.

When I first got my desk bike, a lot of my co-workers joked about it. But after a while, they all ended up purchasing bikes themselves!

If your loved one with ADHD is very active or is constantly tapping their leg, a desk bike is probably going to be a perfect gift for them.

8. Stress ball

This is probably the easiest stocking stuffer. Stress balls are another handy tool for the fidgety folks with ADHD.

9. Mini first aid kit

As someone with ADHD, I am prone to getting hurt. A lot. I probably cut or bruise myself at least once per day, so I always carry a small first aid kit with me everywhere I go.

If someone you know who has ADHD is always getting hurt, a mini first aid kit is a fun present. Plus, it may end up being pretty helpful in the future.

10. Portable coffee maker

For many people with ADHD, coffee is a godsend. For me, coffee helps me focus better than anything else.

If your loved one with ADHD is a coffee enthusiast, a portable coffee maker will win you tons of brownie points and will be well-received. A mobile coffee maker is a handy, funny, and downright brilliant gift for someone with ADHD.

The takeaway

If you’re going to go with any of these gifts, my last piece of advice is to customize them.

For example, if they love Harry Potter, don’t just get them a regular fidget spinner, get them a golden snitch fidget spinner! And if they love numbers, get them a fidget cube with puzzles.

The internet is full of online shops, so there are endless options out there. Best of luck and happy holidays!

For more information on how to manage ADHD, reach out to your doctor or healthcare team.